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3 Benefits Of Aftermarket Apple Carplay Upgrade

Time takes its toll and while your vehicle might be ageing as a fine wine, technological developments might make its infotainment center and overall driving experience feel outdated. The beloved buttons and plastic knobs that were covered with leather and shiny metal once seemed a convenient solution and upgrade enabling vehicle owners to get more control and comfort. Nowadays, some might consider them antic relics in dire need of an upgrade, as aesthetics, convenience and user-friendly experiences related to modern touch screens are becoming part of standard trim packages.

Indeed, what should one do to get the comfort of modern technological development in the favourite vehicle that has served you for years? And to do that without damaging or worsening the overall vehicle condition as well as aesthetics might be a question you have asked yourself before making a decision. Worry not, we have examined some of the aftermarket upgrade options and would gladly share 3 benefits of Aftermarket Carplay upgrade with you. 

Functionality upgrade

First and foremost what got us into the topic of aftermarket infotainment center upgrade is the somewhat lagging and outdated functionality of the vehicle. To be certain, with the right aftermarket upgrade device, you can get almost all the infotainment center functions that come with the 2022 models of your beloved vehicle or close competitors/substitutes. Most definitely, a right aftermarket carplay upgrade device would enhance your vehicle with Apple Carplay 7 Android Auto integration, as well as wireless phone connectivity, screen mirroring, navigation center & music & playlist upgrades. Sounds great but it gets even better by knowing that your vehicle will retain all the manufacturer default functionality while getting additional perks. 

Look & Feel

Getting up to date with functionality might solve the pragmatic problem, but the aesthetic one could still remain. The infotainment center would work great with all its upgrades but remain an eyesore with old buttons and knobs. To solve this problem, we recommend not just an aftermarket CarPlay upgrade device which connects to your existing system to enhance it, but the replacement of the head unit entirely with a new vertical screen. It’s like having a Tesla experience in your older vehicle. If chosen correctly, the brand new touchscreen will provide you with new functionality and comfort, as well as with updated looks and interaction experience.  

Bragging Rights

By upgrading the functionality and visuals of your infotainment center with aftermarket apple carplay you get a bonus reward. Chances are, when you got your vehicle, it was the marvel of modern technology, something new, improved, something that screamed “cool”. Over time you might have remained true to the values you identified yourself with, but your vehicle could not. Well, now, with the aftermarket CarPlay upgrade combined with a modern, shiny vertical screen, those values are back and you can enjoy driving the street with your head up. Moreover, you might even have gotten friendly with similar vehicle owners over time and now you can drive up to the “Club Meeting” and brag a bit with friendly joy about your upgrades, while showing-off new functionality. 

Bonus: Advice

We could have listed three or more benefits of the aftermarket Apple Carplay upgrade, however, it would all be futile if the device does not last and perform as promised. This is why we take it as a duty to caution you that not all devices are made equal for vertical screen & Android Auto/Apple CarPlay upgrades. It is always best to discuss the options with the professional and make educated decisions. Fortunately, Mozart Electronics offers free expert consultation for Apple CarPlay upgrades & Vertical Screen replacement questions over the phone. Furthermore, they can give you installation guidelines and assistance if you need to clarify the procedure and make the upgrade seem effortless. Last but not the least, folks at Mozart Electronics also carry a great variety of trusted devices for vertical screen replacement & aftermarket apple carplay upgrades, for Lexus, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes, Land Cruiser, Audi and Lamborghini model vehicles made between 2006-2021.  You are welcome to follow the above link to check their inventory and read device specifications and vehicle compatibility. You will also find a contact form on their website for further questions or expert consultation.

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