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Give your Sex Drive (libido) a boost

A lack of sexual interest – or at least a perceived lack of it – can create relationship tension and sow discord and distrust. This is validated by sexual health experts and sex therapists, who report that low libido is the most common problem brought up in sexual health counselling.

If a man is physically capable of sex but does not want it, it’s difficult for his partner to not take it personally and conclude he doesn’t want that form of intimacy with her. No woman likes feeling sexually undesirable – this can drain intimacy and positive feelings from a relationship.

Over time, if the problem isn’t dealt with, it can even lead to fears that one partner may be having an affair. Long-term low libido problems can cause tension and distrust in even the strongest relationships.

Who is affected by low libido?

Low libido in men is a relatively common problem, with an estimated one in three marriages affected in some way by low sex drive. Despite this fact, the issue is one of the hardest for men to acknowledge and talk about, as faulty stereotypes present men as always ‘raring to go’ sexually.

In a survey of 1,000 women conducted for Redbook magazine by Weiner-Davis, 60 percent considered they wanted sex just as much, if not more, than their husbands. The survey concluded that most marriages, where the man suffered from low libido and refused to acknowledge it, ended in divorce.

A loss of libido is estimated to affect around a third to half of all men. But it’s not just a male problem, with low sex drive just as likely to affect women, However, while many women are not bothered by a loss of libido, it can scare men because being sexually active is such a strong part of the male identity. One survey showed only 23 percent of men with low libido considered themselves happy, while 46 percent of women with low libido said the same.

Studies by the American Medical Association showed low libido is the most common sexual health problem in men. And it’s the second most common sexual dysfunction after premature ejaculation.

Research suggests the following:

  • One in five married couples has a non-sexual marriage (being sexual less than ten times a year).
  • Three in ten non-married couples that have been together for longer than two years have a non-sexual relationship.

What causes low libido in men?

The causes of low libido in men can be categorised as either physical, or psychological and emotional.

7 physical causes of low libido in men

  1. Alcoholism or drug abuse.
  2. Diabetes or other major illness or disease.
  3. Obesity.
  4. Low testosterone levels.
  5. Prescribed drugs (especially anti-depressants).
  6. Thyroid disease and tumours of the pituitary gland.
  7. Low testosterone levels.

6 psychological/ emotional causes of low libido in men

  1. Depression.
  2. Overwork and stress.
  3. Financial anxiety or job insecurity.
  4. Sexual performance anxiety.
  5. Serious relationship problems.
  6. Conflicts over sexual identity.


Low libido in men is not erectile dysfunction

The lack of libido in men is not to be confused with erectile dysfunction (ED). Most men with a lack of libido can achieve erections but have lost the desire to have sex. Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is wanting to have sex but not being able to get an erection. Most men with low libido can usually get an erection, but the two conditions are related because men who experience ED are also likely to develop low libido if the situation remains unresolved.

Sex therapists say it’s increasingly common for them to see couples where the man, rather than the woman, has low sexual desire. Sex therapist Dr. Rosie King says in any relationship there is often one partner with lower and one with higher libido levels. While it is usually assumed the woman will be the ‘low desire’ partner, this is not always the case.

6 ways to diagnose and treat low sex drive in men

  1. Check hormone levels
    Men should have testosterone, DHEA and other androgen levels checked if there is a noticeable reduction in sex drive.
  1. Have a health examination
    Consider health checks to determine if there are any physical contributors to low libido. A man’s low sex drive may be the result of a thyroid condition, diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure or other major illness. Some antidepressants, tranquilisers and anti-hypertensive drugs – as well as illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine – can also reduce sex drive.
  1. Get testosterone supplementation
    Lifting testosterone levels, through pills or patches, can make a big difference in restoring a man’s libido. Alternatively, you can take an herbal formula like Herbal Ignite for Men to support normal testosterone levels. This treatment contains Tribulus Terrestris, which helps improve sexual activity and muscular strength.
  1. Make lifestyle changes
  • Lose weight. Low libido is common in overweight men.
  • Get more exercise. 30 minutes a day will go a long way towards restoring your sex drive.
  • Control stress levels.
  • Get enough good quality sleep.
  1. Strengthen your relationship
  • Make time for your partner.
  • Enjoy common interests together that aren’t sexual.
  • Talk about what’s important to each other.
  • Be willing to acknowledge anxieties and discuss fears.
  • Allow more space for fun and spontaneity, including men’s visual libido enhancers like sexy lingerie and erotica. Relationship-based libido enhancers for men include having a sexually responsive partner, varied lovemaking, signs of sexual availability and being appreciated and affirmed.
  1. Consider herbal supplements.
    This includes natural treatments like Herbal Ignite. Herbs traditionally used to increase sexual libido include Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Damiana and Avena Sativa.

Why is Herbal Ignite for Men a good natural choice to help treat low libido?

Men's IgniteHerbal Ignite for Men is an over-the-counter dietary supplement taken daily with food to increase men’s health and libido. Its formulation works to:

  • Support male sexual health.
  • Support levels of testosterone, the key sex hormone in men.
  • Promote blood flow to the penis.
  • Relieve stress and fatigue.
  • Improve energy levels and confidence.
  • Increase interest in sex or libido.

The three key herbs in Ignite for Men – Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed and Avena Sativa – have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to rejuvenate men’s sexual health. The herb Tribulus Terrestris, in particular, has also been found to naturally boost testosterone levels and is available in capsule form in herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite.

  • Tribulus Terrestris lifts testosterone levels and improves sexual activity and muscular strength. It also generates male energy, confidence and stamina and men using Herbal Ignite report an improved sense of wellbeing. While Tribulus Terrestris supports and assists the body’s natural production of testosterone it should be clearly understood that it is not a hormone supplement.
    By promoting the production of the body’s own hormones, it works within the body’s natural limits to help men achieve their strength and muscular potential. Tribulus Terrestris will not cause the body to indefinitely produce increasing amounts of testosterone – rather, it balances natural hormone levels.
  • Horny Goat Weed increases desire and sexual performance. The active ingredients in this herb are PDE-5 inhibitors, which increase blood flow to the penis and help with better erections.
  • Avena Sativa relieves stress and increases sexual desire. Many men notice a decline in sex drive and sexual strength because of the effects of stress and long working hours; this herb helps counter the effects of our tough modern lifestyle.

Herbal Ignite has been used successfully by thousands of men in New Zealand and Australia to increase testosterone levels and boost libido and sexual satisfaction. It also relieves stress and fatigue and improves energy levels and confidence. It has a potent herbal formula that works over time to help resolve the underlying causes low sex drive in men and, in particular, low testosterone levels that result from aging.

Herbal Ignite is 100% natural and free of unpleasant side effects. It is made in New Zealand to the highest standards, with thorough testing and guarantees of no adulteration or undeclared ingredients.

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Disclaimer. This information is provided for general informational purposes only and does not substitute for the advice provided by your medical professional. Always seek specific medical advice for treatment appropriate to you. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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