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Biden Doug-ing his way into another gaffe-fest


Dementia Joe Biden can never get a name or a title right.

Just ask “President Harris.” Or Nancy Pelosi’s husband “Bobby.” Or his cabinet secretaries like “Marcia Fudd” and “Walshmarty,” not to mention Antony Blinken, his “foreign minister,” and Lloyd Austin, “the secretary of the uh, um, uh, of the, uh military.”

Or his Supreme Court justice — “Kejan Kejan Ketanji Drown Jackson.”

But generally Biden only screws up a name once or twice per appearance. On Thursday, however, Brandon achieved a new personal best, or worst, when he misidentified a Democrat Congressman five times.

This was in Springfield, Va., at a union hall. Brandon was telling a pointless story (is there any other kind with him?) that included the audience reacting to an earlier gaffe of his by saying:

“That Biden really is stupid. He doesn’t know…”

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim by the way. At this point, Dementia Joe apparently realized, however dimly, that his story was, like his presidency, going downhill fast. He abruptly changed the subject.

“Where’s Doug? The Congressman. He’s around here somewhere.”

He was referring to Don Beyer, a local 72-year-old hack. Again, his name is Don, not Doug. Someone yelled back, “Right here!” and Brandon gave him a shout out:

“Oh, there you are! Doug, thanks for the passport into town.”

There was a smattering of bewildered applause before Biden continued.

“Doug and I have something in common. We both married way above our station.”

A few seconds later, he was back on the subject.


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