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Biden’s proof his plan to destroy the middle class is working


Did you know that Dementia Joe Biden has Whipped Inflation Now?

That’s right, what Gerald Ford only dreamed of doing, Biden has done. Just ask him. Inflation is so over.

At the White House last week, Brandon announced happy days are here again. The occasion was a new monthly inflation report that was, at best, marginally less catastrophic than earlier ones.

Egg prices only went up 11% last month! Thank you, Brandon.

“It all adds up to a real break for consumers,” Biden told his amen chorus in state-run media, “and breathing room for families and more proof that my economic plan is working.”

His economic plan is working! So the Democrats wanted all this to happen? Their plan was — is — to destroy the middle class.

Biden’s incoherent victory lap didn’t get nearly the attention it might have, if the headlines hadn’t been full of revelations about his “treason,” as Democrats described the discovery of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago last summer.

By the way, they’re only “classified documents” if they’re in a Republican’s safe in Palm Beach. If they’re in a garage in a house owned by a junkie on the payrolls of Ukraine, Russia and Red China, they are merely “papers with classified markings,” as per the New York Times.

Brandon was particularly thrilled about the price of gasoline. It was $2.11 per gallon on average in 2020, before the Democrats’ “plan” kicked in. Biden got the price up as high as $4.99 a gallon last summer, but now it’s around $3.30 a gallon (and rising again).

“Now gas is down more than a dollar-seventy from its peak!” he bragged. “That all adds up to a typical family with two vehicles saving $180 a month, every single month.”

But, Brandon, don’t you understand that gas prices are still up over 50% since you were installed as president? And now you’re telling us it’s all part of the plan. Talk about fuzzy math.

This is like a guy shooting you in the gut with a .45. And then as you’re lying on the ground, writhing in pain, he switches to a .22 and expects you to thank him before he finishes you off with a head shot from a smaller caliber.

Here are some numbers from the Consumer Price Index on the prices increases on some food staples, from December 2021 to December 2022:

Eggs: up 59.9%. Lettuce: 24.9%. Margarine: 43.8%. Butter: 31.4%. Flour: 23.4%. Fresh whole chicken: 13.3%. Hot dogs: 18.2%. Rice: 13.8%. Baby food: 10.7%. Etc.


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