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Destressing tips to re-set your life


If you’re more aware of your stress levels lately, it may just be because it’s International Stress Awareness Week.  This week’s column is dedicated to DE-stressing, with easy actions you can take for your mental and physical well-being.

Head’s up:  It isn’t just out hair that gets frazzled when we’re stressed, it’s our scalp, too. Haircare expert Shauna Casey insists that it’s super important to take care of our scalps.  She says moisturizing is one of the most essential things we can do. “Using a pre-treatment oil before washing once a week will plump up the skin and leave the scalp feeling amazing. This in turn will leave your hair feeling shiny and strong.” For that, she recommends BondiBoost Elixir Hair Oil ($19.95 on as a pre-shampoo.

Eliminate wardrobe worry: Sometimes it’s fun to spend hours picking out just the right outfit, other times it’s a huge pain. Make your life easier when you’re running late by picking out a few outfits and pieces that you already know will be a slam dunk, and have them ready to pull out and put on in a heartbeat. One might be a simple pant you know will always flatter you, like the Fit Performance Boot-Cut Pants ($99 on plus a top you love to jazz it up.  Being able to reach for something in a pinch is priceless.

Chill out your workout: The pressure of hardcore, exhausting workouts can be intimidating—and definitely not for everybody. But health experts emphasize that moving around and getting your circulation going is still important for overall health and lowering stress. What’s more, time with people we love also lowers stress. So why not combine the two whenever you can—and in a fun way that takes off the pressure to perform? Walk with a friend in your favorite neighborhood at least once a week. Go dancing with your significant other. I have friends who swear by bowling at King’s ( with their families every week.

De-stress your skin: Simply put, stress causes skin problems and skin problems cause more stress. Who doesn’t freak out a little when seeing a breakout, or dry and itchy patches? Stressed out skin also yields more lines, wrinkles, and acne. So make space in your skincare regimen for B₃Adaptive SuperFoods Stress Rescue Super Serum ($74 on, which is good for all skin types and eases signs of stress like lines, dullness, and flareups.

Health experts assert that many behaviors impact our skin: a diet of balanced nutrients; hydration via drinking eight glasses of water; and sleeping at least eight hours a night. Consider that last one your permission to sleep in as late as you need to.


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