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Don’t Take a Car Accident Lightly

The consequences of car accidents are tricky and complex from a medical perspective. After a pedestrian is hit by a car, he or she may claim to feel fine and leave the scene of the accident without requesting any assistance due to embarrassment or lack of knowledge. The same can happen when the accident involves two or more cars, and the drivers may decide that they feel fine and no legal action is required since no visible injuries occurred. However, from a medical point of view, this is totally wrong.

If you suffered an accident caused by an irresponsible, negligent driver and you know you followed proper safety and traffic regulations, then you should consult with an accident lawyer regardless of the immediate consequences. What can happen after a “small” car accident and what are the signs to watch for?

Mild Health Damage Can Amplify Over Time After “Minor” Car Accidents

Accident Attorneys have seen far too many cases where victims of car accidents failed to take legal action because they believed that they did not suffer health damage, which they regretted later.

Imagine the situation when a pedestrian is hit by an irresponsible driver who exceeds the speed limit or is not attentive. The pedestrian stands up and says that he or she feels absolutely fine and it’s just a matter of being scared. He or she walks away from the accident and tries to ignore the fact that they were the victim of a car accident.

What can go wrong? After a moderate impact, minor internal bleeding may occur in the abdomen or even worse in the brain. No immediate consequences may be experienced, but small hematomas, also known as blood collections, may form in the brain, and cause symptoms that aggravate over time in a slow, gradual manner.

In fact, any type of head trauma causes micro damage to the brain, and it depends on your brain’s healing capacity whether you may experience negative health consequences later or not. A small hematoma may not heal properly and may exert pressure on your brain, resulting in headaches and changes in mood, even if you feel fine right after the accident. Contact an auto accident attorney and find out whether you are entitled to compensation for your medical costs, physical trauma, and mental distress.

An Auto Accident Lawyer Can Ensure That You Are Fairly Compensated 

Although the damage caused to your car may be covered by your insurance, don’t neglect the harm caused to your health. The physical impacts during car accidents are notorious for causing chronic back problems to drivers or passengers.

It is difficult to evaluate the potential damage to your health right after the incident. The physical impact during a car accident may cause minor displacements of several vertebrae in your spine or mild disc herniations, which may worsen over time, can cause persistent back pain and may even require surgery. This is another example of what can happen if you choose to ignore the potential consequences of a car accident and hesitate to ask for legal support offered by a qualified car accident lawyer.

For any questions regarding financial compensation for vehicle damage, medical costs, loss of benefits, or emotional pain caused by a car accident, don’t hesitate to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer in your zone.

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