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Editorial: Absurdity flourishes in 2023


The day could soon come when you can place a bet on a sporting event while smoking a joint and munching on psychedelic mushrooms.


A new hotline was launched yesterday offering legal advice for those seeking an abortion — including out-of-state residents. Does this mean Massachusetts will be an abortion destination?


The MBTA is a wreck and the traffic around Boston is so laughable it’s being called one of the worst in the world. The Cape Bridges are in need of repair but the feds don’t like the asking price. Think about that while you’re stuck in traffic.


The state Legislature is so giddy with all the tax money available that they’re slow-walking any reforms as overtime in state government hits a silly season.


It is and we’re still only a month into 2023. Reform is a word kicked around by politicians like an old soccer ball at the local park, but it seems Massachusetts is rudderless. Gov. Maura Healey is probably still arranging her photos around her desk in the Corner Office, so this isn’t on yer. Yet.

The state Legislature, dominated by Democrats, does bear the burden of an uneven approach to what ails the state.

Sports betting is here. It rolls out today at the three casinos — but regulation needs to include keeping watch on any glitches (i.e. crime, abuse) and adjusting when bad times hit.

As for the push for decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms, those bills should never come out of committee. Let’s get pot and all its sister products right. That’s far enough.

What’s the latest on driving while high? The focus needs to be on impairment and keeping motorists safe. Smoking weed while driving is becoming ubiquitous. Police need some ammo here to enforce basic rules of the road.

We’re not advocating for Nannie-state status, but common sense needs to be part of the equation more than ever.

Who can blame anyone who needs to arrive to work or an appointment on time from questioning the reliability of the MBTA? The result is all the traffic in Greater Boston.

Fixing the T must be a priority for Healey. So far no one seems to be up to the task.

But the root problem is too many default to a liberal mindset. When trouble strikes, Massachusetts turns basic blue.

The Reproductive Equity Now Foundation’s abortion advice hotline, announced by Attorney General Andrea Campbell, is shortsighted.

“With this hotline, Massachusetts is fighting back against misinformation, deception, and outright lies,” said U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren at Monday’s hotline announcement.

What lies? The state hasn’t changed any laws when it comes to abortion here. The issue is roiling states from coast to coast, yes, but Massachusetts hasn’t changed. What this hotline does is expose our healthcare system to stressors that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Warren, as she mulls another run for president, is looking for votes. She’s not looking out for Massachusetts residents.

That’s what is wrong so far this year. So much is at play with so many not thinking it through first with you in mind and that is absurd.


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