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Flaggers an insult to hard-working officers


When compared to other police forces across the country, the Boston Police Department has gone from being a cesspool of corruption, racism, and inefficiency to being the best in the business. Why? Because of the dedication of local politicians, the community, and devoted police brass.

Unfortunately, like with every police force in Democrat-controlled cities across the country, the handcuffs are on the cops rather than the criminals.

The Boston police force has also fallen victim to this disturbing pattern. Officers in Boston have to protect a mayor who doesn’t appreciate or support them while also being headed by a commissioner who doesn’t know what he’s doing, always being surveilled by bodycams and amateur cop watchers, and receiving disrespectful treatment from the general public. Our officers’ morale is in shambles, and a much-appreciated perk of the job will be torn away from them like their dignity has been by politicians who simply hate them for existing.

Construction details not only give extra money for police officers to feed themselves and their families, but they also provide an additional layer of security to the community. The police are paid by the construction companies, and no tax dollars are used. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Not, for cop-hating city councilor Kendra Lara, followed by her supporting cast of like-minded councilors.

Lara truly desires to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, removing the only thing keeping our officers on the force and out of a condition of complete unadulterated agony. Lara wishes to introduce a civilian flaggers scheme, in which civilians would take the place of cops on construction details.

This is yet another equity and diversity ploy, progressive buzzwords that mean some form of discrimination, racism will occur soon, or people with common sense will suffer immensely.

Suffering Immensely is one of the three taking place here, and the people suffering are the ones with common sense, the community, and cops. As a bonus to keeping criminals at bay, the detail officers have also made numerous arrests and responded quickly to countless emergencies.

Lara, claims this will “benefit the Black community, which was particularly hard hit by job losses during COVID-19 and which has borne the brunt of “state violence, overpolicing and mass incarceration.” State violence? Is Lara confusing Boston with Iran?

Lara doesn’t care about increasing employment because she has no influence over labor unions or construction companies. If this proposal passes, construction companies will hire their own personnel and pay them less than cops because cops bring greater qualifications to the table than the average construction worker.

Some of these flaggers won’t even be Massachusetts natives, let alone Bostonians. Someone from Maine, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island would be doing it, and they would be glad to make some money.

I think it’s excellent that many construction companies and unions hire people who have served time in prison; everyone deserves a second opportunity at a productive life. That’s not the problem, though; this is. Imagine if a formally incarcerated individual gets a flagger job, and here you are overworked, tired, police officer struggling to make ends meet, and you so happen to drive by a construction site and see somebody you arrested in the past now has taken your job.

How might you feel? I’d be fuming with rage.

Lara is aware of all of this, but she doesn’t care because her main goal is to punish the dedicated officers of the Boston Police Department. This flaggers program does have the potential to become the law it has the votes. It’s a scary reality to be faced with.




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