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How to Choose the Right Shocks?


Appropriately working shocks and struts are vital to your vehicle’s ability to operate safely. They are key to the safe operation of your truck or car. They are engineered to provide a smooth ride and guarantee your stability, halting, and steering is not compromised.

Shocks and struts likewise work to help prevent brakes, tires, and other suspension parts from premature wear out. If you have observed your vehicle’s ride and handling is not what it used to be when it was still new, worn-out shocks could be the guilty party.

So, the vital question is: Which shock is the right one for your vehicle? Choosing the best quality shocks is a hectic task and can be stress-inducing as the reliability of your vehicle, as well as your safety, are at stake.

We have heard a lot of car enthusiasts claim that Bilstein is the best shock, and we don’t disagree. This brand packs a lot of useful technology–from their basic black or yellow original equipment replacement shocks to the Blackhawk off-road series racing shocks.

We could go on and on about this brand, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on how to select the right shocks for your vehicle. We are going to talk about the factors you need to consider when choosing the right shocks. Afterward, if you find Bilstein is the right type of shocks for your vehicle, then, by all means, go for it!

So, how do you choose the right shocks for your truck?

Not using the right shocks in your ride can damage the suspension system, including the tires and accelerator. As a result, you will have to spend more money–ouch!

Your vehicle and its use will determine which shocks are right for them. You should know firsthand your vehicle and engine specifications.

If you are a racer, the twin-tube shocks might be an excellent choice for you. If you want tough driving, the mono-tube shock design is ideal for that. But if you want a smoother ride, then you may want to choose a design that is best suited for it. 

Shocks for a comfortable ride

Obviously, the primary function is to offer a comfortable ride. Good quality shocks mean the good quality of the ride. So if you have a bouncy and jittery ride, quality shocks will prevent it, so you will not feel any jolts and vibrations.

The suspension system is an important part of your vehicle as it keeps you stable. Gas shocks are best suited for small trucks as they will save you from harsh road bumps. Fluid shocks are known for providing a more relaxed ride.

Shocks that prevent foaming

Shocks that forestall foaming are worth considering. The presence of nitrogen gas inside can produce foam when the engine works excessively. Oil does not combine with nitrogen gas, resulting in foam production.

If you usually carry loads in your truck, then you may want to consider foam cell shocks. They are best suited for driving on muddy and rough roads.

They are also great at resisting the movement of the spring, keeping tires glued safely on the ground, and reducing friction. They are the latest models that feature two tubes in it, making them capable of protecting the vehicle from rough and rocky paths.

Shocks for highway driving

Heavy-duty vehicles are synonymous to heavy loads. If you have a heavy vehicle, then it’s only right to buy shocks accordingly. Bad shocks do not offer the right ride and handling. For a stable ride, you will need monotube shocks.

Shocks that are repairable

It’s common sense to buy products that offer the best warranty. Similarly, it’s vital when buying shocks for your vehicle as you will have to change your shocks over time, especially when they wear out. Some shocks are not repairable, so avoid spending your money on defective shocks.

Repairable shocks can be repaired by filling in nitrogen gas and fluid. So, it’s important to confirm the warranty for the shocks before buying, as companies only repair or replace products that are under warranty. 

Shocks that are cost-efficient

Although twin tube shocks are not that expensive, they are just as efficient because they have all the features that costly shocks contain. When it comes to choosing the right shocks, you should look into their features first and their price second. Cheap shocks usually mean bad quality.

So, keep in mind, that the cost of the shocks will depend on the quality of the brand. Warranties are there to help save your time and energy as well as your money.

The Takeaway

There’s no rule that you cannot drive a vehicle with bad shocks–but it’s not entirely safe. Bad shocks compromise performance and safety and can potentially damage other vital parts of your vehicle, especially your suspension system. Ensure you’re using the right shocks before you start driving your vehicle.


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