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How to have fun with your dog on a rainy day?

While it’s true that some dogs don’t like to get wet and even less so in the rain, a very high percentage of these four-legged friends love to run when it’s drizzling. However, dogs don’t think about how this can affect their health. As you protect your furry friend with dog coats, you can do the same while playing in the rain. Coats that are good for snow are also adequate for rainy days. The idea is to keep your pet’s body free of moisture while playing, not only because of the dampness itself but also because of the cold it generates. Rain coats for dogs keep the coat dry, helping your dog regulate its temperature naturally while you play. The only effect of these coats is that your dog will feel so good when raining he won’t want to stop playing.

Choose the perfect days

Not every rainy day is a safe day to play with your pet. It’s essential to learn to pick the correct days to go out and play in the rain. Do you hear any thunder? Do you see lightning? Is it windy? These are signs you should not go out to play. If lightning strikes you or your dog, you will have minimal chances of living. High winds can cause dangerous objects to fly. For example, small pieces of broken glass from a window can fly several kilometres before landing in your yard. You can only go out with your dog if it has been healthy for the past 15 days. It ensures that your favourite canine’s immune system is in top condition to cope with any bacteria or pollen that might enter your dog’s body.

Playing in the backyard or the park?

If you live in a flat, likely, the building you live in doesn’t have a yard, but it has a car park. That can be a safe place to play with your dog in the rain. Just make sure there are no objects that could hurt him. The same applies if you live in a house with a yard. But is playing with your dog in the park when raining a good idea? Assuming it’s a day without lightning, thunder, and wind, a plaza can be a nice place to play if your dog doesn’t wander off or get scared by loud noises. Consider that even if you don’t hear thunder, that doesn’t mean that thunder won’t suddenly appear, and your dog will be frightened.

Kason Sage
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