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How to Replace the Tesla Air Filter in Model 3 & Model Y


About the replacement cost of the air filter

The recommended life of the air filter is not clear, for example, for Tesla, it is recommended to replace the filter every 2 years, the general filter manufacturers themselves will recommend replacing every year & every 10,000 miles, I replaced it once before at 1 year and 20,000 miles, the actual old filter still has no obvious discoloration and dust accumulation, so the life of the filter is still related to the use of the car, the air environment.

Tesla store purchase price is $39 in labor plus $36 in parts (2 filters @ $18 each), you can also buy this filter from the third-party aftermarket TOPCARS, which has lower prices. Of course, here I do DIY. It can save some money and add some fun.

Where exactly does the air filter sit?

Both Model 3 and Model Y have two air filters, with the cabin air filter mounted behind the glove box under the dashboard, plus they also have a HEPA air filter, or at least a bracket present. And this brochure is about the air filter in the cab.

Tools needed

T20 wrench, interior pry bar

Here’s how to start the replacement

1. Turn off the air conditioning control system, move the front passenger seat completely backward and remove the front passenger floor mat.

2. Use the pry bar to open the center console’s right side panel.

3. Use a pry bar to cock off the cover of the front passenger foot push clip. Then, while removing the cover, disconnect the two electrical connectors and move the footrest cover aside.

4. Remove the T20 screw on the cover of the air conditioning filter box.

5. Take out the two air filters in order from above and below.

6. Making sure the arrows on the two new filters are facing the rear of the vehicle, insert both filters into the HVAC module and fold the tabs inward to install the cab filter cover.

7. The assembly then simply works in reverse order.

At this point, the whole process of changing the air filter is over, and it took about 30 minutes plus up. One advantage that pure trams have over fuel cars is the cost of maintenance. Normally a fuel car will require oil and oil filter changes every 10,000 miles, and depending on the use of the air conditioning filter and air filter, replacements will be made. And pure tram because there is no internal combustion engine, just need to pay attention to the regular replacement of the air conditioning filter, in addition to this one consumable, pure electric new energy vehicles in this 20,000 miles situation do not exist other maintenance needs, of course, brake fluid, air conditioning desiccant tens of thousands of miles will encounter the maintenance project or exist.


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