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How to Wax and Polish a Car Like a Pro


Many drivers care more about how their car looks than their own appearance. 57% of them would rather get it washed than go get a haircut.

69% of drivers take pride in what they drive. Keeping the paint job shining like new is one of the best ways to maintain this feeling.

Regular washing helps, but it’s not enough to provide the results that most drivers are looking for. Read on to learn the steps to take when you wax and polish a car.

Wash and Dry the Car

The first important step in getting a shiny car is washing it with a mixture of water and quality car shampoo. Avoid ones with harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.

It’s also important to find the right microfiber towels for cars to spread the solution. They’re safer than regular washcloths or sponges.

Apply Polish

Car polishing provides an extra shine. It also smooths out several types of minor paint damage, including:

  • Surface scratches
  • Swirl marks
  • Stone chips
  • Scuffs

Apply the polish in an area that’s covered but not enclosed. Put a bit of it on your applicator. Only go over one small area at a time in a circular motion. Buff it out with a cloth when the car is covered.

Repair and Protect the Paint

Making your car paint shine means removing any damage it may have sustained. You may need specialized polishes that can protect against environmental damage or remove scratches or swirls.

Go to the Glass and Tires

Getting the shiny car of your dreams means taking care of every part of it. Don’t ignore the glass or the tires.

Roll your windows halfway down and apply a glass cleaner. You should also clean it with a microfiber cloth as you did with the paint to avoid damage.

Wash the tires with a water and shampoo mixture and a tire cleaner. Wipe them off with a cloth and apply tire shine once they’re dry.

Apply Sealant and Wax

You always get to decide how to make your car shine, and that means you can choose how many steps you want to take. 

Apply a sealant after you polish a car to make sure the results last. After that, car waxing is the final step. It makes the color and clarity of the paint stand out.

When you wax a car, apply the product with a foam applicator. Finally, use a microfiber buffing towel to buff it out.

Find More Car Care Tips

If you want a car with a shining paint job that you can be proud of, start by washing it with shampoo and a microfiber towel. Apply the polish next, then add any other products you need to repair paint damage.

If you want your entire car to glisten, make sure to clean and polish your glass and tires as well. Finishing with a sealant and wax helps keep the shine on your paint as you drive.

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