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Jennifer Lopez is ready for action in ‘Shotgun Wedding’


Jennifer Lopez is among the superstars whose private life inevitably extends into her work.
“Shotgun Wedding,” streaming Friday on Prime Video, is but the latest to merge her headlines and a fictional character.  In “Marry Me” she impulsively married a stranger (Owen Wilson) in a spectacular, fairy-tale style white wedding gown.

In the action-packed “Shotgun Wedding,” Lopez’s Darcy is saddled with an inherited wedding gown from her overbearing soon-to-be mother-in-law (Jennifer Coolidge).  A comical monstrosity, it’s key to all that’s wrong as Darcy and her fiancé Tom (Josh Duhamel) find their destination wedding on a Philippines’ island overtaken by pirates who hold the guests hostage for a $45 million ransom from Darcy’s dad (Cheech Marin).
As the couple evade machinegun-bearing bandits, they ultimately reveal who they really are. Just as Darcy’s ridiculous fluffy is stripped down to basics, so is this bride-to-be revealed.

Comparing “Shotgun” to “Romancing the Stone,” the Michael Douglas-Kathleen Turner romantic adventure classic, Lopez, in a global virtual press conference, noted, “Josh calls it a big romp of a movie. It’s different than anything I’ve done, more an action movie than a romantic comedy.

“But the core is these two families coming together and Darcy and Tom figuring out if they can make this marriage work. They start at different ends of the spectrum in what they want from this relationship.

“Where it goes is crazy,” she acknowledged. “But they really do discover each other.”

One astonishing plot points has Darcy’s dad invite her loathsome ex (Lenny Kravitz)!  “I would like to think my dad wouldn’t do that,” Lopez, 53, said with a laugh. “We needed that, we needed something to happen.  My dad is really the quiet, calm dad. He doesn’t ruffle feathers. Now if you said my mom, I’d say ‘Maybe.’”

As for her own most recent nuptials with Ben Affleck, “He has an amazing eye, incredible taste. But that’s why we ran off to Vegas” – they were married in a wedding chapel.  “It took all the pressure off the big family wedding. He planned the whole Vegas and then the big party one we did together.”

As for that wedding gown, “There was serious thought behind it. The dress was a character in the movie. We start with it’s super uncomfortable, cumbersome. Kind of a beautiful. But not her at all.

“Then we start peeling back layers and she’s coming into herself, coming into her power, her authenticity. And that happened with the dress as well. By the end she’s this bad ass and she’s taken off the hair extensions and is, ‘This is how it’s going to be.’”


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