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Letters to the editor

Time to go

Human trafficking … really (“13 arrested in Mass and Cass trafficking sting” 8/5/22). When is the person responsible for cleaning up Mass and Cass going to be fired?

They always say how politicians are out of touch with regular people — well, one of the reasons may be that if they do not do their job nothing happens to them. It becomes easy to be out of touch when you live by different laws, rules and morals.

At least I know that Mass and Cass will finally be cleaned up one day, after someone is murdered, because that is how the politicians operate, put up the stop sign after an accident!

Michael Westen

Roger Maris

Re: Rich Lowry’s excellent article on Roger Maris’ 61 home runs. Maris didn’t exactly “encounter a wave of abuse and derision” as his home run total grew, and that’s because it wasn’t just him. He and Mickey Mantle were dueling all summer, and while it’s true Mantle was the favorite, nobody knew how it would end.

In fact, Mantle had an early 7-1 lead after April. Maris first took the lead on June 4, and it was then back and forth, with Mantle last ahead on Aug. 12. He was only 3 behind as late as Sept. 10, but a hip injury limited his playing time and he hit just one more for the season, finishing with 54 to Maris’ 61. One wonders what the reaction would have been had Mantle beat Ruth instead of Maris.

Mark Astolfi


Remembering Russell

With the passing of Bill Russell bringing back memories of basketball’s fast break, team defense and a individual who won two NCAA Championships, won a Gold Medal in Olympic Basketball and won eleven NBA Championships and two as Player Coach. I have great memories being at the Garden, walking to the top floor by the old wooden stairs to watch Bill Russell and Red smoking his cigar at game’s end. To me, Bill Russell is the GOAT in basketball and will be missed, RIP.
Tony Meschini

Marijuana in schools

I am at a loss as how to start this letter because who would ever think that marijuana is good for children under any circumstances. The only clinically studied treatment with marijuana in children has been for intractable seizures. Unfortunately the effectiveness in reducing the seizures was not long lasting. It is not of any use for Autism Spectrum Disorder, dyslexia, ADHD or psychological disorders. There are not any clinical peer reviewed studies in Pediatric or Adult medicine that show marijuana has any use in the treatment of medical, behavioral or psychological disorders. The Massachusetts Legislature has finally jumped the shark with this proposal.

Frances S. Parks, P.A.-C


Orange Line

To anyone who thinks that the maintenance work on the MBTA Orange Line will take only 30 days, do I have a bridge to sell to you. Massachusetts is infamous for planning things on a timetable and they never get done on schedule.

Paul J. Baranofsky



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