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Letters to the editor


Donald Trump

I am surprised Donald Trump has not been charged with terrorism. It is obvious that the Dems and RINOs are absolutely in terror over even the prospect of President Trump retaking the White House. They all know, as well as unscrupulous, weaponized and inept department heads, that the “jig is up” if he gets back in. I had some doubts that Trump could do it, but not any more. The Big Banana Republic is now frantically grasping at straws.

— Al DePaoli, Woburn

Eye on China

China appears more determined on its goals for the immediate future than does America, which extols a go-slow attitude toward conflict, defense budgets and, seemingly, anything that may disturb a populace that deals interminably with loud demands for higher taxes, more social justice and more regulation. Are our foreign policy analysts simply blind to the threats percolating everywhere or are the threats lost in the cacophony of political theatrics which characterizes our democratic way of life? After all, vying for favor in an electorate tired with war, taxes, regulations and the general hubbub of political showmanship is a tough sell for a politician who believes in sounding an alarm against threats in plain sight.

— Paul Bloustein, Cincinnati, Ohio

Biden’s border blunders

Your editorial “Biden’s border blunders”  is a long overdue commentary on the Biden administration’s colossal failure in protecting our nation’s border. It is better late than never and I applaud it for its narrative and its inevitable conclusion.

A president’s fundamental duty is to protect the nation’s safety by securing its borders. President Biden not only failed in this utterly but is also at fault in willfully relinquishing his responsibilities to his ineffective Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (who with a straight face continues to lie and state that “our nation’s border is safe”) and his Vice President  Kamala Harris. From the beginning when she was given the assignment to take it over, Harris shrugged it aside and ended her role with a brief stopover at a border state and a fact finding visit to Central American countries. She is yet to figure out the root causes of the flow of migrants from the south of our border.

It is high time that President Biden and his administration should be called into question for their inability to solve the border issue and be held fully accountable for all resulting tragedies arising out of their neglect and deceptive acts.

— Pichai Gopal, Braintree


Democrats are so desperate to prevent Donald Trump from running for reelection in 2024 that they are willing to use literally any means available including a politically weaponized DOJ to prevent this. In the meantime, criminal wrongdoing by Hunter and Joe Biden and Hillary and Bill Clinton go uninvestigated and unpunished.

This selective “justice” is dangerous as it undermines faith in our democracy and judicial system which may provoke a civil war. This is what happens in a banana republic — not a true democracy.  Americans should be deeply concerned.  Making Donald Trump a martyr will only make things worse for Democrats. Remember in November!

— Dr. Michael Pravica, Acton


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