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Letters to the editor

Sports betting

It’s easy to see why people like sports betting, even informally and between two recreational players. A wager makes games instantly more engaging because people are invested in it – literally. The thing about sports betting is that there isn’t a lot of room for good. You win some money, lose some money, but in the end, nothing really changes. It’s a wash.

What if instead of exchanging money between hands, the loser donates to the winner’s charity of choice? Doing so would maintain all of the fun and excitement in the game, but when it’s over, a lasting, positive impact is made. Picture this: Every time two players or teams play basketball, table tennis, or checkers, money goes to a nonprofit – funding cancer research, soup kitchens, and animal shelters. Everyday interactions between people just like you and me can create real, tangible good for our world.

Let’s try it, Boston. Game on.

Michael Rothman

Co-founder of, a social movement with the mission to raise money for nonprofits and charities through recreational sports and games.


In his statement about the search of Mar-a-Lago, attorney general Merrick Garland appeared the very image of rectitude. He said everything correctly, appropriately and prudently. He made me feel good that we have such a sober minded person handling subpoenas, affidavits, search warrants and other tools of the legal trade. God knows, I can’t sort these things without a lawyer at my side. But I’m still left with a damnable case of whataboutism. You see, a picture displaces a thousand words, perhaps many more, and the picture of Mr. Trump and some of his associates who skirted too close to the heat is far different from the kid glove treatment of Hillary Clinton and Sandy Berger, culprits from a different political party. Unequal application of our laws is un-American, just as Mr. Garland noted and as all of us have observed. Party-specific inequalities are rank and, like bone-dry tinder in a sharply split citizenry, sow discord that may not be easily contained.

Paul Bloustein
Cincinnati, Ohio

Gas prices

When is President Biden go to send a letter to Vladimir  Putin to thank him for lowering gas prices – after all he blamed him when the prices went up.

Paul Quaglia


Free T

Why do all these nonprofits and politicians think the T can provide free fare systemwide? Free is never free, someone else is paying, in this case taxpayers. The T is funded by taxpayers, congressional members are paid by taxpayers, Mayor Wu’s salary is provided by taxpayers, state representative salaries are paid by taxpayers, city council members are paid by taxpayers, most nonprofits are funded by taxpayers’ money, provided to them by politicians.

When they claim something is free it only means someone else is going to be paying for it, in this case it’s me the taxpayer .

Nothing in life is free

Mark Howland

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