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Letters to the editor

Red wave?

In all honesty, I rarely if ever agree with anything columnist Jeff Robbins opines on but with his latest commentary ( Fall’s “red wave” looks to be victim of voter drought for GOP,” Boston Herald, Sept.6), I think it is indeed unwise for Republican leaders to be touting the MAGA red wave they see on the political horizon. Robbins is correct about another thing, which is 10 weeks leading up to the midterms is like 10 lifetimes. Anything can always happen to change things in a single instance.

I also do agree that Republicans have a way too often of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. However, I would not use the defeat of Sarah Palin up in Alaska as signifying anything more than the results of one election.

Do I believe there is a red tsunami coming in November? My answer is wait and see. This election for the GOP should be about security — economic security, physical security, border security, about groceries and gas. The Democrats have also made our cities into war zones. Women are afraid to go out for jogs alone. Do the Democrats have plans to fix things? Republicans need to talk about these real issues affecting real people. Let Democrats and the media continue to try distracting us by constantly bashing on Trump. When I vote in November, I will be voting against the failed policies that are being push by Biden Democrats across the country and right here in Massachusetts. I do not see Nov. 8 as a  referendum on Donald Trump — I see it as a referendum on how much the people can take before saying enough is enough.

I do believe the Republicans can take back the House in November as long as they stay focused on the issues impacting all of us on a daily basis. Taking the Senate is doable but still very much a long shot but stop talking about red tsunamis or red waves. Robbins and I are obviously living in two alternate worlds. Mine is based on reality, his on a vivid imagination.

I appreciate the Boston Herald running commentaries by Jeff Robbins. It’s always good to read arguments from the other side even when I think they are mostly wrong. I did agree here — I think that we shouldn’t believe in red waves until at least we start getting wet.

— Sal Giarratani, East Boston


The upcoming results of voting in November elections is for sure very, very important to the future of Joseph Robinette Biden’s remaining two years. If the Congress turns from left to right, all congress committees will change and if we currently think there’s huge disagreements between the two parties, we ain’t seen nothing yet. This country is divided, not just the north and the south but also urban and rural voters. Independents, who are ultimately the swing voters, will have much to think about in the ballot box. But no matter what, we’ll get through this stuff. There’s no country better to live in than America and I mean no country.

— Tony Meschini, Scituate

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