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Letters to the editor


Taiwan iPhones

Kind of scary to think that three companies monopolize IPhones. These companies are Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron and are all headquartered in Taiwan, yes Taiwan, the country that China wants to control. Can anyone imagine life without a working iPhone, I know I can’t. So this being said, it’s extremely important our two senators focus their energy towards this area, not so much on the blame game that both Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren consistently do.
Tony Meschini

GOP investigations

The Republicans will take control of the House at the turn of the year. Based on documented evidence they have, they will be investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings and how it potentially relates to national security.. There are groups forming now to defend/ protect the president from these investigations that might lead to him. The question arises why they need to defend the president who has stated on numerous occasions he has done nothing wrong and has never discussed with Hunter any of his business dealings. If he has done nothing wrong what is the problem? Let the evidence lead where it may, rather than some politically motivated media blitz that paints the investigation as revenge for the bogus attempts to take down President Trump and attempts to undermine the truth. It is time to hold people accountable for their actions as no one is above the law. Where have I heard that before? It is right out of the Democratic dictionary when they are going after their opponents.

Paul Quaglia


McCaughey on point

Kudos to Betsy McCaughey ( “Jan. 6 committee endgame – boost Dems”) for clearly pointing out what so many of us thought about the shenanigans of the January 6 House Committee and of its members who were either partisan Democrats or never-Trump Republicans. The whole select committee process was a scam. It was never really about uncovering  all that happened on Jan. 6, 2021 at the US Capitol building, it was always just about finding yet another in an endless series of what I call “gotcha” attempts by Washington, DC Democrats and their sycophants in the “fake” media.

Those televised hearings shown in prime time turned out to be  a cross between soap operas and sitcoms. If that House committee was legitimate, it would have been a hearing based on evidence, facts and objective data. Thank you Betsy McCaughey for speaking truth to power.

I might add, I believe when the next session of the House resumes in January that  Kevin McCarthy or whoever is elected speaker re-constitute the membership of  the House Select January 6 Committee to continue the probe including  all the relevant data in a non-partisan method.  The circus is coming to an end. The American people need to know everything that happened that led up to and including the January 6th riot which was a sad and inexcusable day  for all of us.

Thank you once again to Betsy McCaughey for speaking truth to power.

Sal Giarratani
East Boston


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