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Letters to the editor


Musk and Markey

I read with great interest Matthew Medsger’s report of Sen. Ed Markey’s interview with Janet Wu and Ed Harding on WCVB’s Sunday political show “On the Record” where the senator attacked Elon Musk and Twitter.

The first issue was “Someone could impersonate…for eight dollars, pay for it, and not be authenticated…”  This issue of people impersonating someone has been a continuing problem long before Elon Musk bought Twitter.  The second issue was those impersonators “pose the risk of spreading dangerous misinformation from seemingly trustworthy sources…” When I read that statement, a thought popped into my head, just like the FBI agents repeatedly did to Mark Zuckerberg about Hunter Biden’s laptop being false misinformation and convinced Facebook to censor all mention of Hunter and the laptop.  Didn’t Sen. Mitt Romney create an account on Twitter under a false name to attack Donald Trump in 2016?

Sen. Markey went on to say, “…anyone could impersonate anyone they wanted to and spew out misinformation into the public sphere,”  Another thought popped up, is the senator just realizing this is an issue.  The problem is not isolated to Twitter. He has served in the House and Senate on the committees to oversee the FCC, communications, media, broadband for over 40 years. What the heck. These issues are not new.  In fact, these issues have existed in different mediums long before Sen. Markey got to Congress and continued under his watch with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and anything on the internet.

Why did Sen. Markey not raise these issues when Zuckerberg got suckered by the FBI or when Romney went rogue?

The glaring omission from Sen. Markley with over 40 years of communications oversight in Congress is not one original idea was offered to assist Elon Musk and his ownership of Twitter.  Elon stated, “..that under his watch the social media company would make many mistakes before they figured it out.”  He owned it.

I understand Elon Musk is a champion of free speech and that is one reason that motivated him to buy Twitter.  We all know the politics going on here, the narratives that work for your team. Here is an interesting thought, why not have Sen. Markey and his team sit down with Elon Musk and his team and brainstorm in private about how to flush out these issues and develop solutions.  I will tell you why, because only one team seems to have brains.  I will let the readers decide which.

Brian Burke


Russian oil

The G7 capped the price of Russian oil at $60 a barrel. The action is an attempt to starve dollars that are being used to fund Putin’s war with the Ukraine.  Two short years ago, the U.S. was energy independent with plenty of oil to sell to the G7.  How long would Putin’s illegal war machine last if the G7 could purchase all their oil from the United States?  The Ukraine war would have ended quickly.

Donald Houghton



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