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Letters to the editor


Capitol ceremony

So on Friday, Jan. 6, President Biden honored 14 people who stood their ground during the Capitol riot two years earlier. It was a somber ceremony. Once again, Biden put center stage the dangers posed by so-called “election deniers,” people who cast doubt on the legitimacy of elections or publicly undermine confidence in their results. For two years now, Biden, his fellow Democrats, and their coat holders in the liberal media have told us breathlessly, repeatedly, and maniacally that such people are “threats to democracy” who should not be allowed to hold office or even seek it. The message was unmistakable. Election deniers are bad actors who should be banished from the political arena.

Yet over in the House, as the battle to elect the new Speaker unfolded in front of the nation, Democrats repeatedly cast their ballots for New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who is himself a well-known election denier, having repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the 2016 election. Democrats eagerly supported a man who has engaged in the very behavior they’ve spent the past two years angrily condemning.

In witnessing this latest Democratic display of rank hypocrisy, I am reminded of an apt quote from famed British educator John Clarke, who over 300 years ago quipped: “They play one tune and dance to another.” Indeed.

Michael J. DiStefano

Jamestown, RI

Mass & Cass

As I read a recent Boston Herald editorial (“Mass & Cass a goldmine for repeat offenders,” Dec. 29), I remembered those words of Suffolk County.Kevin Hayden concerning treatment for drug users but giving the treatment to drug dealers. However, as the editorial pointed out “getting drug dealers off the streets and keeping them off is an uphill battle.”

As the Herald points out, one particular dealer with a 20 page rap sheet and a record dating back nearly four decades goes around and around the Mass & Cass merry-go-round. Gets arrested, goes to court and too soon is back at the scene of the crime down at the homeless encampment along Southampton Street.

If we want to clean up Mass & Cass, there are two top priorities worth addressing for real. One is to find a way to clean up this encampment and find suitable housing for the homeless . The second priority might just be doing whatever it takes to get the dealers outta there. Right now, too many public and private non-profit agencies need to stop with its “harm reduction’ policies of passing out pipes to smoke crack and meth, “cookers” and syringes. As the Boston Herald so aptly showed, it is a goldmine for drug dealing peddlers. If you keep passing out all these “harm reduction” items, it becomes easier and easier for the dealers to work that crowd.

It is time for all the finger pointing to stop between the State House and City Hall and for all concerned to actually do something constructive. Actions always speak louder than meaningless platitudes or drug paraphernalia.

Let’s hope and pray that  in 2023 we will solve the Mass & Cass issue once and for all.

Sal Giarratani
East Boston


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