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Letters to the editor


Eye of the beholder

Modern or abstract art is always interpretive. I am not surprised that many folks who have viewed The Embrace in person or viewed images of it can have varying degrees of positive or negative reaction to it ( “The Embrace Memorial Causes Stir,” “No Common ground in Embrace,” Boston Herald, Jan. 17).

Is this sculpture racist, classist, dehumanizing and raunchy? All the above. None of the above. Funny thing about contemporary art,  it is all in the eye of the beholder. Art is about imagination. We can all view a Picasso and see it in a multitude of ways. Creativity can be very edgy and the Embrace is definitely in an edgy sphere.

I  have yet to see it up close and personal but I look forward to it.  The sculpture is supposed to represent an embrace between Dr. King and his wife taken from a photo in 1964. The Embrace was the artist’s view of that moment in time. Nothing more, nothing less. My view of any piece of art is always my view and not anyone else’s.
There really isn’t any need to create unnecessary controversy because many are seeing a number of different things in its creation.

As far as Rasheed Waters’ commentary, perhaps The Embrace was not made simply to create any common ground. Perhaps, it was created to show our individual uniqueness. At least, we now know that no one can simply walk past this new King memorial without really looking at it and trying to figure out the message coming out of it.

We all are now challenged to see what is in this monument that tells us who we are and reflect on  Dr. King and Coretta Scott King hugging each other in joy. The struggle to create a  better America for all never ends and the dream continues.

Sal Giarratani
East Boston

The Embrace

I read Rasheed Walters’ articles any time he is in the Herald (“No common ground in Embrace, Jan. 17).

I did want to add something to what Rasheed said, he mentioned how far we have come from Boston being a racist city.

One item that needs to be mentioned with this statement is that racism in Boston included Irish and Italians but Boston wants to ignore the struggles they had. If we want equality for all let’s include all groups.

Racism is bad and we have progressed very far but do not let the media dictate the information they decide you should see, there is always more to the story.

Michael Westen

Symbolic art

The Embrace statue is symbolic of our times.  The liberals wish to tear down the old traditions and build a new progressive world. My guess is a committee of Democrats was formed to discuss what the statue should look like, approved the design and chose the artist to build it.  Nobody had the common sense to say, stop, this is not a good idea.  Instead of Dr. Martin Luther King depicted by a statue giving his famous “I have a dream” speech, maybe with his arm outstretched pointing to heaven, we get a twisted design that is symbolic of a liberal’s view of progress.

Donald Houghton





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