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Letters to the editor



People are worried about this drug and rightfully so, but to think that users can be cured before they OD is more than just wishful thinking.  I worked with addicts for 14 years and I can tell you, more, a lot more, die from overdoses than are cured.

Does this mean we stop trying? No. However, our money should be put into the prevention process rather than interdiction.

Once some one crosses the line and becomes a drug injector their chances of ever
enjoying a sober life or a life at all drops about 70%. Once the needle goes in the will to do anything else goes out the window. We need to stop the flow of drugs at all costs.  We also need programs in schools to prevent kids from experimenting with drugs.  Legalizing pot, mushrooms or giving addicts pipes and needles only prolongs the inevitable.  Most addicts absolutely believe that marijuana IS a gateway drug.  Don’t believe these liberals. Whatever data they use is flawed.  Fourteen years of dealing with addicts proved that to me.

David Kelly

Equal treatment

In reference to Joe Battenfeld’s “Power and Privilege” column on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023, I note the following:

As a criminal defense attorney one of the most important duties owed to a client is to ensure that the client is treated fairly during the criminal process. Knowing only what I read and heard about U. S. Rep. Katherine Clark’s daughter’s initial appearance in the Boston Municipal Court, it seems she was treated fairly meaning she was treated like everyone else. Assault and battery on a police officer is a misdemeanor in Massachusetts. I heard nothing about injury to the officer or prior record of the accused. Bail is normally set for those with a history of missed court dates so the $500 bail seems odd but manageable. If Battenfeld had bothered to ask, oh I don’t know, any prosecutor or criminal defense attorney in the Commonwealth he would know all the above and he might have authored a different article. I guess it’s newsworthy that a child of one of the Commonwealth’s politicians is criminally charged. To suggest that this defendant received preferential treatment when they DID NOT however IS unfair treatment.

Armond Colombo


Presidential quotes

Took me some time to get over President Clinton’s quote (“it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”) and now I’ve got to do the same with President Biden’s new quote (“there’s no there there”). Of course there was totally different circumstances for their quotes but here’s the quote from President Reagan I like the best (“I’m from the government and I’m here to help”).

Tony Meschini


Certify officers

Needed: A National Police Officer Certification by the Department of Justice which sets forth the expectations and requirements of a police officer in our republic under law. New police hires have one year to achieve certification, or must be released.

Thomas Richards

North Attleboro


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