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Looking Glass: Go ahead, you punks, make my day … KA-BLAM!

A 93-year-old man warned a gang of burglars who kicked in his door and stormed into his home in Moreno Valley, Calif., that he had a loaded shotgun, but they continued to approach and throw things at him. Then one of them attacked him with a fishing pole. So he blasted him. The rest of them ran away.

I’VE CHANGED MY MIND, BOSS, ADIOS: A dispatch assistant at a meat company in Chile was issued a monthly paycheck for about 330 times his salary because of a payroll error. After he received the check for $180,418 — instead of the $545 he was entitled to — he notified his manager who told him to go to his bank and return the extra money. He agreed to do so, but a few days later he sent in a resignation letter and has not been heard from since.

HEY, I’M THE VICTIM HERE! A drug addict called the police to his home in Tampa, Fla., and asked them to test the methamphetamine that he had just bought from a dealer named “Jay-Jay,” because he became concerned that “Jay-Jay” sold him bath salts, not meth. A field test indicated that it was, indeed, meth, so the cops arrested him.

YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE GRAMPS, OFFICER: In Gluckstadt, Germany, an elderly motorist grabbed the mobile speed camera being used to issue automated tickets to passing motorists, took the device apart and carried it home, but his own family later turned him in to police.

SHE WANTED TO SURPRISE HER MAN: A 44-year-old woman, who brought her infant grandchild on a prison visit in Arcadia, Fla., also brought along a substantial stash of cocaine and heroin. The drugs were found during the check-in process, and a search of her car turned up even more drugs.

SWORD VS. HANDGUN, ANY BETS? A man slashed his roommate in the upper torso with a sword during an argument at their home in Marysville, Wash., so the victim pulled out his pistol and shot him. The sword guy was arrested.

FIGHT? WHAT FIGHT, OFFICER? Two drivers got out of their cars and got into a fistfight right in the middle of I-270 in Gahanna, Ohio, kicking and punching each other as passing drivers filmed the whole thing. Officers arrived after the fight had broken up but one participant was still on the scene. Police said he was in an apparent state of intoxication.

MAN, JUST FEEL THAT BREEZE: A 22-year-old man was pulled over in Rochester, Minn., for driving his motorcycle at 144 mph in a 65-mph zone. The deputy who arrested him said the man “claimed that he was going fast because it was hot.”

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