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Myths of Luxury Cars You Must Know


There are still false beliefs about luxury cars widely held by the public, despite the fact that many myths may be inaccurate. If you believe in one or more of these myths, it will be difficult for you to realize that cars can be a good investment.  

By now, you must be wondering which myths revolve around luxury cars. We got you. In this article, we will discuss five myths about luxury cars you must know before embarking on either using or purchasing one.

Myth #1: Luxury cars need regular and High Maintenance

One of the most common myths about Luxury cars is that they require high maintenance that can be costly. Our honest answer is a no! These cars give a luxurious experience, and their parts can function without fault for a lengthy period. 

Luxury vehicle owners may also believe that regular maintenance, such as oil changes, is intended for non-luxury vehicles only. Such assumptions are likely to lead to complicated issues and the need for extra maintenance. 

Regardless of the models, car owners should perform regular check-in as required so that their cars will give them more extended service.

There are some expensive luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, and anyone may think the repair cost is high. Mercedes parts are also costly and imported from Europe, so the high maintenance notion is partially true. However, say you messed up the upkeep of a regular car and a Mercedes. In that instance, repairing the former is more expensive.

Therefore, you should dispel this myth about luxury cars needing high maintenance. However, when purchasing a luxury car, ensure that you choose wisely and get as much detail as possible about the maintenance routine. 

Myth #2: There are No Financing options for luxury cars 

Several factors influence the purchase terms of luxurious cars, especially second-hand ones. For instance, if you want to purchase a luxurious second-hand vehicle privately, you will need to pay the total amount of the selling price. This cash requirement is the origin of the myth about the lack of financing options for luxury cars.

However, this is not correct. Many second-hand dealerships are willing to give you varied luxury cars and a plethora of friendly financing options. Certified dealers also offer used cars extended warranties. For this reason, we advise you to find a car dealership in your area and get your dream car for a budget that suits you. 

Myth #3: Luxury cars are Extremely Expensive

It is indisputably costly if you want to buy a luxury Mercedes car. However, you can buy other second-hand luxury cars, which will still offer you the same luxury, comfort, and features at reasonable prices. It is therefore not appropriate to believe that you cannot get the luxurious experience without having to break the bank.

Purchasing a used luxury car in good condition is challenging. Still, at reasonable prices, you can find many second-hand luxury cars from car dealers such as BMW, Mercedes, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, and many more.

Myth #4: Luxury cars Warranty is Easily Voided

There is another old misconception or myth regarding Mercedes repair and its voidable warrant. Most potential buyers believe that the Mercedes-Benz warranty is prone to unnecessary cancellation. Once more, this is untrue. 

This myth came up because there is a recommendation that only Mercedes-Benz certified mechanics could service the luxurious Benz. The main reason for this suggestion is that qualified or certified mechanics are likely to perform a good service according to the requirements and standards of the vehicle.

Therefore, if you consult an un-certified mechanic who does not have the required skills to perform Mercedes repair, you may get a warrant cancellation. It will be best if a mechanic Certified by Mercedes-Benz does all the vehicle servicing.

Myth #5: Luxury cars do not have lucrative resale value.

Luxury cars are not only re-sellable, but they also fetch a premium-reselling price. Suppose you are looking to purchase a luxury car. In that case, we advise you not to believe in anything that insinuates that these cars lack commercial resale value.

All luxury cars are synonymous with elegance and comfort because of their sophisticated fittings and technology. They, therefore, do not lose value, and their resale value remains impressive. 

Luxury cars such as hatchbacks, sedans, convertibles, coupes, and SUVs have a lucrative resale value. Therefore, buying luxury cars and reselling them at a profit is fine.


People see many myths online about Luxury cars. Fortunately, all of them have no factual basis. Make sure to research once you bump into some of these and more before deciding not to buy your dream car.

Finally, as promised, you know the five myths about luxury cars and their truths. So, do not hesitate; to go out there and find a vehicle that best suit your luxury desires!


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