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Senate fails Afghans, US service members


If and when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Chuck Grassley ever again try to prop up their bona fides as supporters of U.S. troops and our allies abroad, they should be laughed out of the room.

Last month, the two GOP senators defied a coalition including various lawmakers in their own party and hundreds of military veterans — from enlisted service members to high-ranking officers — by opposing the inclusion of the Afghan Adjustment Act in the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill.

These scoundrels will try to weasel their way out of criticism by cynically invoking a supposed threat to national security, as if what they’ve done weren’t a threat ten thousand times greater. What that is is preventing tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees who’ve been paroled into the United States, largely during our botched withdrawal, from obtaining permanent status and keep them at risk of deportation.

Included are Afghan service members who quite literally saved American troops’ lives, as well as all manner of support staff in both military and civilian roles large and small who kept the entire U.S. operation chugging along.

Turning our backs regardless sends a pretty clear international message that the U.S. will quickly forget even those who directly assisted us at great personal peril. How’s that for national security?

New York Daily News/Tribune News Service





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