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There won’t be a second date


A woman took an Uber to her blind date’s home in Coweta County, Ga., chatted with him briefly, and then, while he was in the bathroom, stole his pickup truck which was parked in his driveway. She led police on a high-speed chase down I-85, which ended when they shredded the tires with stop sticks.

LET’S SPLIT UP; THEY’LL NEVER CATCH BOTH OF US: Two thieves, who stole merchandise from a clothing store in Springfield, Mo., made their getaway in separate cars, but panicked and crashed into each other a short distance away. They ran from the scene and were quickly arrested.

HI, REMEMBER ME!? THWACK!: A woman encountered an ex-downstairs neighbor, who had secured a protection order against her, in the potato chip aisle of the Walmart in South Euclid, Ohio, and initiated a confrontation which ended when she hit the woman in the face with a ten-pound log of prepackaged ground beef.

A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME, PLEASE, LADIES: A pimp driving down the street in Claremont, Calif., saw what he thought were three prostitutes on the sidewalk, but were actually undercover police officers involved in a sting operation. He tried to get the ladies to work for him, shouting at them as he drove aggressively into oncoming traffic and chasing them into a nearby parking lot where other undercover officers took him into custody.

IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL: A fugitive, who had been on the run from the law for almost a year after committing fraud in New York, was arrested at Disney World in Florida by a postal inspector who was on vacation and spotted him there.

ERRANDS DONE, NOW TO HEAD HOME … WHA-?!: Someone hurled a giant sofa off of a balcony during a party in a residential area of Sydney, Australia, and it landed on the rental car of a man who had parked it there to do some errands and returned 15 minutes later.

HEY, I KNOW MY RIGHTS, MAN!: A man stuffed a bottle of eggnog down his pants and hair brushes into his pockets at a supermarket in Wichita Falls, Texas, and then got into a fight with a loss prevention officer. He refused to give his name to arresting officers, pleading the 5th Amendment.

WHAT GAVE ME AWAY?: The IRS paid a man, who had been living with his parents, $6,374,576.92 in a fraudulent tax refund, and he used the money to buy a 6,500-square-foot, $2,625,000 waterfront mansion in St. Petersburg. Fla., as well as six luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

DON’T I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF?: A man tried to board a plane at the Columbia, S.C., Metropolitan Airport with three smoke grenades, one set of plastic stun knuckles, three stun batons, two knives and two cans of pepper spray in his carry-on luggage.

A LOT LESS WORK THAN STEALING THEM OUT OF CARS: A thief stole four catalytic converters from a St. Louis company that buys catalytic converters.


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