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Ticked off! @flying cars – Boston Herald


I’m ticked off at web pages that ask me to save my login info with them, then when I go back in they tell me I have the wrong e-mail and password.

I am ticked off that my alma mater, let’s call them Boilermakers, continues to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory each Saturday. Last Saturday’s epic meltdown in the game’s final 51 seconds may go down as the most numb-skulled display of insanity ever witnessed in college football history. It may be time for me to become a Gator’s fan!

I am ticked off that I didn’t know that the more money you donate to the private school your kids go to the more accolades and awards your kids get. Should have figured that out years ago.

I’m ticked off that they are considering flying cars for commuters. We have clueless idiots driving cars on our surface roads now causing mayhem, and we certainly do not need them flying around our crowded skies in those things. We are not the Jetsons! What a stupid idea.

I am ticked off at the NFL for the one game suspension of Tama Bay Bucs receiver Mike Evans. The NFL should suspend the entire New Orleans Saints defensive team and their coaches. The Saints defensive players are all dirty players whose number one intent is to injure the opposing teams offensive players. This goes all the way back to their “Bounty Gate” reward system under their former defensive coach. The NFL head office is awful!

To the ticked off veteran who was embarrassed about being thanked for his service, no matter if you were called on to serve this beautiful country or volunteered to serve, you should be proud of your service regardless of the part you played. Your sacrifice makes America safer and you have earned the accolades and respect of those around you.

The flip side

Thank you to two young men who stopped to push our dead car off the road into a nearby auto service lot at the height of 5 p.m. traffic last Friday.



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