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What Are The Most Popular Cars in the UK in 2022?


There are certain brands and models of cars that have been consistently popular for decades. In 2022, we can pick out six cars that are driven by a large proportion of the British motoring public. Any of them might make a great match for your needs. If you’re thinking of taking one for a test drive, then investing in temporary car insurance might help you to stay protected.

So, what are the bestsellers?

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa is ever present on British roads, thanks to a winning combination of practicality, affordability, and style. The latest model is nicely well-equipped and efficient but suffers from depreciation. There’s now an electric version, too, in the form of the Corsa-e.

Tesla Model Y

The recently launched model Y brings to the table many of the features that have made the brand so desirable, including an excellent rapid-charging network and a plethora of gadgets on the dashboard. This is a slightly chunkier ‘SUV’-style vehicle, which works like a more spacious version of the model 3. Given that the electric car looks set to represent the future of motoring, getting on board with the Model Y has been widely perceived as a sensible first step for many new-car buyers.

Mini hatch

The Mini’s distinctive looks have set it apart from rivals in the supermini category, but the most recent incarnation is about more than just appeals to tradition. It’s available in both three and five-door forms, and it’s as fun to drive as it ever was. It excels when it comes to running costs, though it’s not quite as safe as many of the other popular models listed here.

Nissan Qashqai

The third generation of Nissans’ Qashqai offers some significant improvements. It’s more spacious, and more technologically advanced, and it comes with several features that surely improve your quality of life at the wheel.

Volkswagen Golf

The appeal of the Golf seems to transcend traditional car categories. Just about everyone, from sales-floor assistants to high-ranking executives, would be happy to be seen in one. This broad appeal translates to sales: for eight generations, the Golf has managed to hold its own – and it’s likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Ford Puma

Another stylish, yet compact, SUV makes the list, here. You can think of it as a chunkier version of the Focus, which nicely demonstrates a shift in tastes in the market, toward something a little bit more spacious and a little bit bigger. Despite all of this, the cabin interior isn’t as roomy as one might suppose – but you do still get the same responsiveness and an all-around engaging drive.


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