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What Can The Out-of-Service Catalytic Converter Be Replaced With?

Has the catalytic converter of the exhaust system gone out of order? There are several options for what to replace it with. A failed catalytic converter can be sold to scrap metal dealers. See the price for catalytic converter scrap at to check the prices and types of the parts that are accepted for scrap and further processing.

The value of a converter is determined by the presence and volume of precious metals coating the unit body. There is no single price set for catalytic converters as the cost depends on the condition of the part, its brand, and its manufacturer.

Replacement options

Having decided not to use the converter, the vehicle used will cause inconvenience to others due to the loud noise from the exhaust pipe. If the vehicle does not have a catalytic converter installed, it is harmful to the environment, since hazardous exhaust gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Without a catalytic converter, the service life of the exhaust system is reduced due to the high temperature of the gases.

What the catalytic converter can be replaced with:

  • an analog from the manufacturer (the best, but not the cheapest option);
  • an inexpensive analog (there are many universal solutions on the market, but it is challenging to choose the right one);
  • a flame arrester, subject to reflashing the ECM so that an error is not displayed on the dashboard.

Installing a branded analog is not only an expensive option. You can ditch the new catalytic converter rather fast by filling the car with low-quality fuel.

Off-brand devices that perform the functions of a converter are cheaper, and they purify the exhaust gases well, but it is difficult to find a reliable and suitable design. It can serve for a long time, like a branded one, until it breaks down due to natural wear and tear, or mechanical damage.

A flame arrester is installed within the converter body. The flame arrester design is developed by the workshop staff for a specific vehicle. You can also purchase a ready-made part if it fits in size. It reduces noise, and withstands high temperatures well. The flame arrester has a reliable and durable structure. Exhaust toxicity is reduced not that efficiently when this part is installed, but the emission rates are within the permissible limits in our country. If you plan to drive to Europe, then entering the EU countries on such a vehicle will pose a problem.


Replacing the expensive part and the associated efforts pose a reasonable question: can the catalytic converter be repaired?

The complex structure of the catalytic converter and the honeycomb design damaged due to mechanical stress and contamination do not make it possible to repair the part that is out of order. The honeycomb responsible for gas purification crumbles, and the catalytic converter fails.

Before installing a flame arrester or a new catalytic converter instead of the old one, it is recommended to check the condition of the engine and exhaust system. To prolong the service life of the part, use high-quality fuel, and avoid extreme driving, which can cause the destruction of the catalytic converter.

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