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Will Herro-Adebayo pick-and-roll emerge as Heat game of choice? – Boston Herald


Q: The Tyler Herro-Bam Adebayo pick-and-roll is a sight to behold and a thing of beauty. Has it supplanted the Adebayo-Duncan Robinson two-man dribble-handoff game? Seems like Adebayo has gone from facilitating Duncan Robinson’s 3-point expertise to finishing plays at the rim like he did at Kentucky. As pick-and-roll ballhandler, Herro might have found his calling to complement his offensive skills. – Leonard, Cornelius, N.C.

A: And yet, just weeks ago, there was external thought about separating Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro, with a Herro return to his role as sixth man. That was when Max Strus was thriving with the first unit. So the reality is that until the Heat move closer to whole with a return of Jimmy Butler, it is difficult to define the Heat’s best game. Yes, it certainly could be the Adebayo-Herro pick-and-roll game. But with Butler on the floor, those actions likely will not be as prevalent, because Jimmy has to eat, as well. And that has been the rub since the season’s opening weeks, that it is difficult to get a best read on the Heat’s best offense until they get what they perceive as their best lineup on the floor. At this point, the only definitive Heat game is the waiting game.

Q: Atlanta possibly could be a turning-of-the-corner kind of win for the Heat. They played excellent defense in the second half. – Roland, Borrego Springs, Calif.

A: I’m not sure you can definitively turn the corner against a Hawks team that was coming off a loss to the Rockets. Now, if you win in Boston or Memphis, that would be a different story. A winning streak built off two wins against the Wizards and one against the Hawks only carries so much weight. The true challenges are directly ahead, including these next two at TD Garden.

Q: I don’t think Caleb Martin is getting the accolades he deserves. If you stack him up against P.J. Tucker from a statistical perspective, Caleb is having a better year. I understand P.J. brings a lot of intangibles to the table, but Caleb has impressed me this year. What are your thoughts? – Gary, Pompano Beach.

A: First, why does a player deserve accolades for doing his job? Shouldn’t meeting expectations be reward enough? Moving beyond that, you can’t measure P.J. Tucker by statistics. That is not his game. And, yes, Caleb Martin has met expectations. But the question remains if he is a starting-level answer at power forward for a contending team, or more of a complementary wing, where he has thrived lately. All of that said, the Heat certainly protected their future by re-signing 27-year-old Martin over 37-year-old Tucker.



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