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Zoey Deutch rings in rom-com with ‘Something from ‘Tiffany’s’


“Something from Tiffany’s” rates as a classy, classic rom-com with Zoey Deutch’s Rachel Meyer looking to balance work and love.

It’s that time of holiday cheer when Manhattan looks like a spectacular Christmas movie come to life. Rachel is thriving with her bread-making restaurant among the pop-up shops in Bryant Park, right behind the famous New York Public Library.

Romance is definitely in the air as”Tiffany’s” begins… at Tiffany’s where two guys buy Christmas presents for their loves. Only an accident prompts those trademark blue Tiffany boxes to be switched. Many romantic complications ensue.

Rachel is shocked, overwhelmed really, by the big surprise when she opens her box and sees her life suddenly change.

“She’s someone who is very focused on her career and her work and she loves her partner,” Deutch, 28, said in a Zoom interview.

As for that relationship?

“Definitely, there have been quite a few red flags but she’s somebody who just wants to keep trying, keep working on things and not let go just because things are not perfect in the moment. You know, sometimes our character assets can also be your character defects — and this is about having awareness of that.

“At this moment in the story, “ Deutch continued, “she’s not quite aware of how far she’s taken it and maybe how much this relationship isn’t right for her. She isn’t able to see that — until something unexpected happens that forces her to re-examine her choices.”

While Deutch is also an executive producer on “Tiffany’s” it was Reese Witherspoon’s company who had optioned the book and asked her to star.

Rom-coms seem to inspire vivid reactions simply with their plotting. What does she say to the skeptics who wonder, Why watch something when I can figure out how it ends in the first 20 minutes?

“I would like to remind these people,” Deutch said with a big smile, “with their favorite show ‘Friends’! When you watch it, you have an idea of what’s going to happen — and yet you are still so invested in these characters who make you laugh, make you cry. They make you squeal!

“You’re still along for the journey in the ride and there’s a lot of comfort in knowing and trusting these characters. ‘Tiffany’s’ is similar in that regard. Not in tone but I find I find with this movie, it’s so comforting and so lovely. And there are unexpected elements for sure.

“So I would tell those people: Give me a chance to prove you wrong.”

“Something from Tiffany’s” streams on Prime Video Dec. 9


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